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Reckoning, Book IV

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  ISBN: 978-1605048659 

A world where good and evil dwell-

Seeking justice for her murdered twin sister, Maeve finds herself trapped in a world of magic and deception. She-s discovered the key that will guarantee her success-a magical spell to control a vampire. Now she needs to locate a witch of pure intent to teach the spell to her.

Quinn Montgomery wants nothing to do with his birth mother, Mortianna, the most powerful witch in the world. When he discovers Maeve is his mother-s prisoner, he rescues the prickly immortal from imminent death. Determined to set things right, he returns her to the Scottish Highlands only to find that Maeve isn-t the only victim of Mortianna-s treachery.

Together, Maeve and Quinn reluctantly join forces to battle the forces of darkness as they fight their growing attraction for each other. Will Quinn teach Maeve the spell she desperately needs, or will she fall under his spell instead?

Warning: This book contains a kick-ass heroine, a Wizard hero to die for, copious amounts of throw-the-hero-down-and-jump-him sex, more corpses than you can shake a stick at, sleeping vampires, cranky witches and wee beasties guaranteed to give you nightmares.


Tempt Not The Cat, Book III

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  ISBN: 978-1-60504-809-3

What will happen when the hunter becomes the hunted…

A woman whose chances for love were destroyed…

After surviving a brutal kidnapping, Erihn Spencer has spent the past eighteen years living in the shadows. Scarred both physically and mentally, she spends her days writing romance novels dealing with the type of relationship she’s avoided. The night before heading into the mountains to start her new novel, a stranger approaches and shakes her world with one perfect kiss.

A man who could be her savior…

From the moment Fayne kisses her, the desire to possess this shy beauty is irresistible. Thrown together in a secluded house in the mountains, he’s torn between his need for her and the secrets that are destined to force them apart. As Erihn struggles to break free from years of self- imposed isolation, he finds he is the one who is now trapped by his desires, his dark self.

Their worlds collide and old secrets lead a bitter enemy to their door.

Shadow Dwellers - Amazon - Barnes & Noble - Publisher Store

  ISBN: 978-1419955624

  Trade paperback containing One With The Hunger and Retribution, books 1 & 2 of the series.


"Steamy, Dark and utterly delicious! I love this series and you will too!"

Lori Foster, New York Times Best Selling Author


  Retribution, Book II, eBook - Buy

  ISBN: 9781419905315

 After years of torment, Jennifer Beaumont found a lover who should've lasted an eternity. Instead she was forced to walk away, to betray her very heart in order to keep her love safe from her vengeful master, the vampire Mikhail. Brokenhearted, Jen struggles to rebuild her life and the unthinkable happens, throwing her back into the arms of the man she loved and betrayed.

  Conor MacNaughten has been alive for nine centuries and he's seduced thousands of women, but none captivated him as much as Jennifer—the one woman able to resist his sexual advances, the only woman he's ever loved. But her beautiful face hid a black heart and she cast him aside for another. Now, years later, a friend's life is on the line and Valentin asks him to work with the one woman he loathes in order to save another.

  The game begins with a kidnapping, bringing together two people who can't forgive or forget…

 One With The Hunger, Book I, eBook - Buy

  ISBN: 9781419904882

  Shai Jordan, fledgling New York journalist, is on the trail of a serial killer.

  The excitement of her first big assignment turns into terror when she sees an uncanny resemblance between this string of murders and the death of her mother years before—the bodies have been drained of blood.

  Now, in an eerie, sickening development, all the victims bear a disturbing resemblance to Shai, and all signs point to her as the next victim. But no one, not even the police, will believe her or protect her.

  Out of the darkness comes a man who turns her blood to flame and incites her deepest, darkest desires. Her sensual lover who pulls her into a nighttime world of erotic abandon that threatens not just her career, but her life.

  As evidence starts to build, Shai must determine whether her dark lover is her savior…or her killer.


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