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A Message from the Council of Elders

   Welcome to the lair of those who dwell in the shadows.

   Who are we, you ask? We are your deepest desires and your greatest fears personified. We exist on the fringes of your world and you have seen us, felt us and touched us before. 

   We are the living...

   The dead...

   The cursed....

   The enchanted...

   The immortal...

   We roam your mortal world as you lay wrapped in the arms of Morpheus. Snug in your little bed, all of your limbs tucked lovingly under the covers for fear that the Nameless Being who resides beneath will brush your fragile mortal flesh with cold clammy claws. 

   Did we surprise you? Did you think we didn't know about that dirty little secret? 
   There is a darkness which exists in all of us and it takes great courage to embrace it. Do you seek to vanquish the darkness in the light of day or do you turn your back and hope that it fades like so many of your dreams and aspirations? 

   Maybe you are one of the few who give into the Knowing. The Knowing tells us there is no darkness without the light. No good without evil and no life without death...

   We wait for you in the gloaming as you close your eyes and embrace your dream self. Do you have the courage to take our hand and slay the dragons of your darkness, or will you wallow in the daylight and be only half of what you can be?

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