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Shadow Dwellers: Tempt Not The Cat, Book III


Genre: Paranormal Romance / Urban Fantasy

ISBN: 9781605048093


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Available August 3, 2010 

Book Blurb: What will happen when the hunter becomes the hunted…

A woman whose chances for love were destroyed…

After surviving a brutal kidnapping, Erihn Spencer has spent the past eighteen years living in the shadows. Scarred both physically and mentally, she spends her days writing romance novels dealing with the type of relationship she’s avoided. The night before heading into the mountains to start her new novel, a stranger approaches and shakes her world with one perfect kiss.

A man who could be her savior…

From the moment Fayne kisses her, the desire to possess this shy beauty is irresistible. Thrown together in a secluded house in the mountains, he’s torn between his need for her and the secrets that are destined to force them apart. As Erihn struggles to break free from years of self- imposed isolation, he finds he is the one who is now trapped by his desires, his dark self.

Their worlds collide and old secrets lead a bitter enemy to their door.

This book has been previously published.

Warning: This book contains werecats, vampires and immortals, OH MY! Along with animals, both wild and tame, über-creepy bad guys, wild monkey sex sans the monkeys and the blatant misuse of catnip.

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