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I’ve decided that I’m one kitchen catastrophe away from the Bad Cook Hall O’ Fame. With just Mom and I, we really don’t cook a great deal which is part of the problem. It’s a case of use it or lose it.

One of our favorite ways to cook is in the crock pot. Just toss everything in and 8 hours later, dinner is on. No muss. No fuss. No stirring. And the best part is it’s practically idiot proof. It’s hard to screw up a crock pot meal because no matter what you put in there, its supposed to come out tender and juicy.

Unless I’m cooking. Yes, I actually produced a tough beef roast. How, I have no idea. The worst part is I actually produced two tough beef roasts…as if once wasn’t bad enough.

Mom wanted a pumpkin roll for the holidays and being the cheapskate I am, I refuse to pay $7.00 for a dinky pumpkin roll from the store. They barely serve four for crying out loud! So I broke out the baking utensils and off I went into the world of sifting and mixing. In all honesty it didn’t turn out too bad, the flavor was good at least. But it had been so long since I’d made a roll cake that I’d forgotten to roll it when it was still warm and that I needed to double the cream cheese icing. (shrug) Hey, I rarely ever bake and I consider it genuis that I didn’t burn the oven up.

This morning I wanted to use the rest of the pumpkin so I opted to make pumpkin muffins. Of course I didn’t have a recipe (DOH!) so sticking with the muffin basics of sugar, sifted flour, baking powder, eggs and shortening…but I couldn’t remember how long to bake them. So when I checked they seemed to be okay but after I pulled them out they fell. Now I have something between a fat cookie and a flat muffin.

Hey, they taste good. :)

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