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After working with computers for twelve years – I just got my first virus. Yes, my virus cherry has finally been popped.

This was a particularly interesting one as it was riding on the back of an active-x control from a website. I’d been on this site a million (and a half) times so when the Do You Want To Run This Control came up I clicked yes. A few minutes later a notice from Microsoft Security Essentials (a free virus product from Bill himself – just remember that you get what you pay for) that a virus had invaded. I clicked to kill it off and nothing. It came up three more times before the virus┬ádisabled MSE.

Tried to reinstall MSE only to be told I couldn’t because it was installed. So I uninstalled it (for all the good it was doing anyway – I’d have been better protected with a body condom and some vaseline) and the virus wouldn’t allow me to reinstall.

Then it disabled Task Manager.

Then it disabled my browser.

So after trying all my techie tricks to no avail – I’d no sooner get something running and this program would shut it down. Diabolical thing – it would bring up a window to BUY virus software…like I would do that. Silly rabbit – those tricks are for three year olds.

So I thought back to my hacking days (hey, I was doing it legally) and I asked myself – why am I using a flyswatter when I have a giant club at my disposal? So what did I do? Booted from the install CD and wiped the drive.

See, this virus was designed to turn PCs into dummy terminals and to harvest email addies from my email software. It would then spam my friends with viruses….and so on. Only one problem.

There wasn’t any email addies on that PC. See, I’d just installed the operating system on Monday. Basically this virus was trying to take over a…dumb terminal. I have to admit, it did make me giggle. All these years on countless PCs I’ve run around without any anti-virus and never had an issue. Got my first virus with Microsoft by my side. Gotta love that one. Hey Bill – up yours.

Oh, and the virus software this thing wanted me to buy? ( Yeah, I’ll get right on that when they suck my big hard hairy- BEEEEP!

Have a nice day. :)

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