I tried. I really, really tried to hang tight with the Biggest Loser home-delivery meal plan but they’ve forced my hand…or tummy…to look for another solution. Remember the vinegar-y taste I mentioned in a previous post? Well, it sent me over the edge…of the toilet.

Every time there was a vegetable in a meal it had a sour, vinegar-like taste. Now, I do like sour things like pickles – I loves me some pickles now! – but the constant repetition of that flavor would make me nauseous and I found myself avoiding the veggies. (Now thats one way to lose weight! Only eat half the meal…) One thing I noticed is they don’t include the ingredients on the package – isn’t that a law?

So it is here that the BLM and I part ways. After spending the better part of two days feeling sick to my stomach I backed off and ate regular food (portion-controlled of course) and felt better on the third day. It seems to me that if they could get rid of that weird taste that pervades their meals they could have a gold-mine on their hands. If the low-cal frozen food lines (Smart Ones, Lean Cuisine etc) can do it, then the BLM plan can to.

Life is too short for flat, tasteless, sour foods and there has to be a better way and I only have to find it.

Do you have a favorite low-cal recipe you’d like to share? Either post it here or email me directly and I’ll post it for you!

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  1. Mary Carroll

    August 21st, 2011 at 11:10

    I’d rather do portion control and follow the guide lines on the ” myfitnesspal ” website than eat those frozen dinners. They have way too much sodium and preservatives in them. I purchased the Hungry Girl 300 under 300 book and have found some very good, quick, and cheap to make recipes. All the recipes are 300 calories or less. One of my new favs is the oatmeal parfait.
    Just make old fashioned oatmeal, layer it in a glass or cup with your favorite low fat yogurt and fruit. It’s filling, tasty, and even the grandkids love it and don’t realize they’re eating healthy. Pair it with a piece of lighty buttered wheat toast and you have a great start for the day.


  2. admin

    August 22nd, 2011 at 07:38

    I agree, Mary. One of my biggest ‘failings’ is that both Mom and I were both addicted to breads and sugars but never at the same time. It never failed that I’d try to watch what I ate and she’d bake something sweet and vice versa. She grew up in the 1930’s and food wasn’t easy to come by so she stockpiled items like they were going out of style which didn’t help either. We were both guilty of sneaking too many treats. :)
    Now that I gave away a large portion of the stockpile – I’m hoping to gain some weight-loss momentum. (crossing fingers…toes…

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