Some questions from the latest reader emails:

I just finished Loving Ranger and I’m dying to know if and when Ryan will have his own story.

Of course! I can’t leave the boy hanging. :) I’m hoping it will be out next summer so stay tuned to my website for updates. I would love to call the book Marrying Ryan to keep with the Kissing and Loving theme but the title doesn’t fit the story. Between now and then I’ll post a couple of freebie short stories here that correspond to the Men of S.W.A.T. series.

I just finished reading your story Holly and was wondering if you gave Ethan’s twin a story and did it involve Mel or did she get a story of her own. If they did what are the titles so I can look for them. Really enjoyed the story.

I’m so glad you liked it! No, Ethan doesn’t have a story yet. The characters with stories are Holly and Katie though Ethan and Mel may still get theirs, too. :)

When will the rest of the Shadow Dwellers be available?

Books 1 – 4(One With The Hunger, Retribution, Tempt Not The Cat, Reckoning) are available in ebook and the first three are in paperback. Reckoning will be available in paperback November 2, 2010.

Book 5 (Sins of the Flesh) will be out in April 2011 and book 6 (Temptation) hopefully will be out in the fall of 2011 with the with the paperbacks to come in 2012. Once I have these releases nailed down I will finish Eye of the Storm which is the final title.

That’s it for this week. Click on CONTACT to ask me a question. :)

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  1. Patty

    October 4th, 2010 at 16:53

    When are the other books ebooks for the coven series coming out?

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