Jane Porter: Seducing Jane Porter, Book 1

Genre: Erotic Contemporary Romance Novella, Bondage, Menage

ISBN: 978-1-60504-268-8

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Being bad never felt so good…

After being jilted by her former master, Jane Porter looks to end her year-long celibacy by attending a bondage-themed event. Thanks to her ex-boyfriend’s stunning betrayal, she isn’t looking for happily-ever-after, just a master who’s willing to explore the depths of her passion and teach her what the BDSM lifestyle is all about.

Antonio Villareal was a wanted man. Single, rich and good looking, he’s on the hunt for a submissive to share his world. The moment he sees Jane on the arm of another man, he wants to possess her body and soul. The only problem is; Jane makes it clear she isn’t a forever kind of girl.

Can Antonio convince Jane to give him a chance?

Warning: Graphic sex, bondage scenes and the use of masks.

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