Shadow Dwellers: Reckoning, Book IV


Genre: Paranormal Romance

ISBN: 9781605048413


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Book Blurb: A world where good and evil dwell…

Seeking justice for her murdered twin sister, Maeve finds herself trapped in a world of magic and deception. She’s discovered the key that will guarantee her success—a magical spell to control a vampire. Now she needs to locate a witch of pure intent to teach the spell to her.

Quinn Montgomery wants nothing to do with his birth mother, Mortianna, the most powerful witch in the world. When he discovers Maeve is his mother’s prisoner, he rescues the prickly immortal from imminent death. Determined to set things right, he returns her to the Scottish Highlands only to find that Maeve isn’t the only victim of Mortianna’s treachery.

Together, Maeve and Quinn reluctantly join forces to battle the forces of darkness as they fight their growing attraction for each other. Will Quinn teach Maeve the spell she desperately needs, or will she fall under his spell instead?

This book has been previously published.

Warning: This book contains a kick-ass heroine, a Wizard hero to die for, copious amounts of throw-the-hero-down-and-jump-him sex, more corpses than you can shake a stick at, sleeping vampires, cranky witches and wee beasties guaranteed to give you nightmares.

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