Men of S.W.A.T.: Tactical Maneuver, Book 2


Genre: Contemporary Romance Novella

ISBN: 9781419902055

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Office efficiency expert Emma Taylor is just days away from leaving her temporary job in Haven, Ohio, to return to her staid, lonely, safe life in Columbus. Knowing the possibilities of returning to this sleepy burg are slim to none, she toys with the idea of luring the town bad boy into her bed for a week of wild, uninhibited sex. According to the local rumor, Jay Barnes is a dynamo in bed. Maybe he’s the man to show her just what the “big O” is all about and release her inner wild woman while he’s at it.

Decorated SWAT Officer Jay takes one look at the curvy Emma and knows he wants her in his bed. A sizzling weekend locked away in her apartment uncovers the woman of his wildest dreams—literally, and he soon realizes that letting her go is the last thing he wants to do.

But while he’s thinking “forever”, she’s thinking “forget it”. Help with overcoming her trepidations about his profession and convincing Emma that he’s ready to change his bad boy ways comes from a most unusual quarter.

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