badvistaI’ve been working with computers since 1994. This was the year that I built my first one all by my wittle self. At one time there wasn’t anything I couldn’t do to my computer. Install new stuff, replace, format and partition drives – you name it, I was the techno-master.

Then along came Vista.

After all these years I’ve always done all my backups manually. Plug in my backup drive, drag and drop – one backup, no muss no fuss. So when Outlook began screwing up (it’s always Outlook that screws me over) I decided to go ahead and reinstall my OS. I have a tendency to install and move things like its going out of style. I try a program, I delete it – do that 30 times a year and its no wonder an OS can get a little flakey.

And low and behold, Vista (the devil!) has a backup utility that will create a backup of your settings, user files etc. Having never used it, I thought, wow, that would be really nice. I wouldn’t spend forever putting my settings back in…

Yes, it was too good to be true.

Created my backup – took about 5 hours or so. Deleted and reinstalled my OS. Installed my programs…went to use my backup…and it didn’t work. Oh, it acted like it was putting everything back…and it did…under another user name. Now, I only have one user on my PC – me. That’s the beauty of being single, no one playing on my computers. So when I did the back…I stupidly assumed it would back everything up as the admin…which is my role on my computer.

BUT NO – it backed up everything up as the name of my computer instead.

So when I went to look for my stuff…it wasn’t there. Digging into the system files – I found everything listed under a user account that doesn’t exist. What the hell? I’m pretty fearless when it comes to computers so I know how to move things around and not break the system, but how many people can do that?

Windows 7 anyone?

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