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Coming September 7, 2010

Fourteen years of friendship, it all comes down to this…

 Sissy Kolchek is a smart-mouthed waitress with a southern accent that’s thicker than honey and a life that isn’t nearly as exciting as some people think. As the daughter of the town tramp (?), she’s cynical about men, relationships and anything marked ‘one size fits all’. Beneath her wisecracks is a woman who secretly longs for a family and a place where she belongs.

 Jason ‘Ranger’ Diver is an undercover cop who has seen the dark side of love and wants nothing to do with it. With his chaotic lifestyle, he hasn’t the time nor the inclination to become involved with only one woman especially not his friend, Sissy. He’d fantasized about since high school and when they kissed, she’d rocked his world. Jace is captivated by the woman she’s become and as their relationship grows he finds himself torn the biggest case of his career and the love of a good woman. 

 Warning: Copious amounts of hot lovin’, random bad guys wrecking havoc, a goat named Casper, more sexy cops than you can shake your nightstick at and the deliberate destruction of the English language.

Thank you, Scott Carpenter!!!

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