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This has been one of those weeks where I want to get a do over – weight loss wise at least. I gained 3.5 pounds in about five days. Ugh. Back in January my GYN gave me a prescription for a hormone based medication but I didn’t start taking it until March 1st. (I know, TMI! <g>) About 3 days in I was eating everything I saw! No matter what I did I felt like I was ravenous.¬†High fiber, still hungry. High protein, didn’t faze me. High carbs…nada.

I’ve pretty much kicked sugar because it is kryptonite to my species and I was craving sugar so bad I felt like a drug addict. It was horrible and I was so frustrated.¬†Needless to say I kicked those pills to the curb! Thanks, Dr. Anita but no thanks.

So I’m back on the bandwagon and hope to have those 3.5 pounds off soon. (crossing fingers)

Then, if that wasn’t enough fun and games, my right foot is giving me fits. I think it’s probably arthritis (oh yeah!) so I’ve been kicking back and keeping it up. Boy – when I hit 43 its been a downhill slide since then. <g>

But some good news – I wrote 19k in four days on the next Men of SWAT title. I can’t complain about that. Woot!

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