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Just some odds and ends to share.

Kissing Cowboy – I received a slew of emails yesterday that my publisher’s bookstore was down again so I threw together some links from other booksellers. Thanks for letting me know.

Books on Board / Amazon Kindle / B&N Nook / Diesel eBooks / All Romance eBooks / Mobipocket

Winter’s Daughter – In the past few weeks I’ve also recieved a sudden influx of emails about the second book in The Coven series. Yes, there are more books planned for this series. Yes, I’m hoping number two will be out this year. Now that the madness in my personal life has settled down I anticipate an increase in my writing time. Woot!

What I’m working on – My editor requested that I add a few thousand words to Sins of the Flesh, the fifth title in the Shadow Dweller series. As I was working through it I noticed how much my writing style has changed (not to mention how much paranormal romances have evolved!) so I decided to rewrite it from stem to stern. This book was originally written ten <!!> years ago and my poor vampires don’t even have cell phones. LOL!!! Once I have a release date I’ll post it here.

And I learned something very important on Friday, the movie Hackers is so much better when you’re too sick to care what you’re watching. :)

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