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The Coven: Winter’s Daughter, Book I


Genre: Paranormal Romantic Suspense, Novel

ISBN: 978-1599989860


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One woman’s struggle to learn the truth turns into one man’s battle to save her life.

The Coven, Book I

Bubble, bubble, toil and trouble…

Twenty years after the untimely death of her mother and cruel separation from her sisters, Synnamon Angelov returns to her abandoned childhood home in Salem, Ohio. She is determined to find her sisters and search for the answers behind the half-buried memories and nightmares that still plague her. Not surprisingly, the superstitious people of Salem aren’t all happy that Syn is back in town.

Secrets revealed…

Police Chief Matthew Whitefeather doesn’t deal in hocus pocus; he works with cold, hard facts in both his personal and professional life. When Syn starts asking questions around town, Matt pays little attention to the whispers of witchcraft and murder—until someone tries to force Syn to leave Salem. Dead or alive.

Matt and Syn reluctantly join forces and find themselves caught in a web of deceit. Just what happened the night Victoria Angelov was found dead on a lonely country road?

And why were her children forced to pay for her sins?

This book has been previously published.

WARNING: This book contains a high body count, graphic sex (though not with the dead bodies) and a disembodied spirit guaranteed to scare even the most stalwart souls.

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