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This is the third book in the Shadow Dweller series though it has changed quite a bite since it’s first incarnation. How much do I love this novel? Just let me count the ways.
Top 12 Reasons You Should Run, Not Walk, To Buy This Book
12. Lots of new stuff in this version of the book
11. High body count – nothing says romance like a pile o’ corpses
10. It’s written me by and I’m FABulous! :)
9. Verra Sexy Hero
8. It’s on sale @ a discount!
7. The heroine is a romance writer
6. Verra Sexy Shapeshifting Hero
5. Set in the Rocky Mountains of Colorado.
4. Uber sensual love scenes, food scenes and water incidents

3. Verra Sexy Shapeshifting CAT Hero
2. The blatant and often hilarious misuse of catnip
1. Did I mention the uber sexy, hot, gorgeous yummy shapeshifting CAT hero?
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