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Just a few things that threaten to spin my head off my shoulders…

A woman in Ohio receives food stamps and she owns a 300k home (fully paid off), has 80k in her savings account and drives a Mercedes…but because she has no income, she is ‘eligible’. Hmm…selfish much?

I use a wireless keyboard and mouse, both bought at the same time in the same package from one company. Why in the hell do they use two different types of batteries?

Laura Ingraham – This woman makes other women look bad. Megan McCain (John McCain’s daughter) is a blogger and she commented upon Ann “I dress like a hooker” Coulter’s politics saying that she was radical and dangerous. This Laura woman (who is she again?) called Megan an overweight valley girl…

Huh? Is that all you’ve got? My father always told me that if I couldn’t express myself eloquently then I just needed to keep my mouth shut. Too bad Ingraham’s father didn’t tell her the same.

Who is she again?

The age-old conundrum – why do hotdogs come in packs of ten while buns come in packs of eight? I’ll never understand that one…

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