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I belong to a writer’s group and every year they have a big contest to judge the work of their peers (koff) and drama is never far behind. Every year there is teeth gnashing, hair pulling – you name it – and I can only roll my eyes so much before it becomes too much effort to do even that much and I’m reaching that point now.

So on the email loop for said group the conversation has turned to…the contest. One of the authors mentioned some judges were sending back books (meaning they won’t read them for judging) that were Erotic Romance not because it wasn’t to their liking – it was a question of MORALITY.

Rut-row (ScoobieDoo imitation)

I cannot tell you how sick and tired, tired and sick, weak and weary I am of the mentality that writing sex is immoral. I’ve got news for the woman who wrote this – if it weren’t for sex she wouldn’t be here. (I know, its like telling a child that the Easter Bunny doesn’t exist but sometimes life is just tough and you’ve got to take like a big girl)

I don’t think those who write sweet or inspirational romances aren’t having good sex. I also don’t believe all ‘moral’ people wait until marriage to have sex. Why would someone pass judgement like that on erotic romance? Saying you don’t like it or don’t read it is one thing, saying it is a question of morality is completely different. It carries the implication that the author of the comment is morally superior to those of us who enjoy writing and reading ER.

It just makes you shake your head doesn’t it? I feel sorry for her – she must lead a very small life and only feels better when she’s looking down on someone else.

One of the most important lessons my father taught me was that no man is superior to another, period.

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