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It’s rare that I recommend a book – mainly because I read so little anymore. Last year I think I might’ve read 8 books – used to be I’d read that much in a week. :)

But I did manage to devour Shadow Magic by Cheyenne McCray and I LOVED it.

Here is the blurb:

When Hannah Wentworth temporarily flees her life in San Francisco to join her sister D’Anu witches in Otherworld, she vows to help them conquer the evil bent on destroying the human realm. But the only one who can help her happens to be the king of the Dark Elves. The father to her nemesis, Rhiannon of the D’Anu. And the one man Hannah can never, ever trust…especially because of her dangerous attraction to him.
Garran knows that the beautiful, headstrong Hannah is wary of him for having banished his people to a life underground. But now Garran can right that wrong by helping her and the other gray witches in their dangerous battle in San Francisco—even if doing so means sacrificing the passion he’s found only in Hannah’s arms…

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