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Yes, it’s Saturday and one of those days. It started out easily enough. Got up at 6am (sickning isn’t it?) and put out the dogs. Went back upstairs and weighed myself…then decided to go back to bed.

Yes, I gained a few.

Back into bed I went for a snooze…a two hour snooze. Why is it when I stay up late, I still get up at 6am? That is SO wrong!

Anyway, when I got up for the second time (at least I avoided the scales as I was pretty sure sleeping for a few hours wasn’t going to remove the poundage I’d added) and went to turn on my computer…it locked up.

Actually this has been going on for a while. I’m one of those old school geeks who likes to reinstall their operating system 12 or 18 months. I have a tendency to install and uninstall all sorts of things and I don’t care what anyone says, programs never completely uninstall themselves. They leave bits and pieces of themselves all over your drive like little piles of dog poo just waiting to be stepped in.

Unfortunately, the drive on that particular laptop hasn’t been reistalled since I bought it almost two and half years ago. Needless to say, it was much overdo.

So here I sit, sneaking peeks at my beloved computer as Windows is being reinstalled. I have an automatic defibrilator just in case it can’t be revived.

Wish me luck. :)

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