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This morning on local talk radio, the topic was Halloween festivities for children. I live in Central Ohio, north of the Bible Belt, in a position I refer to as the Bible Garter Belt. (its above the actual position of the panties (the bible belt) so hence the name.)

Yes, I know I’m not funny – its one of many crosses I have to bear in life. :)

Locally there has been a movement to eradicate Halloween from the schools. Instead of having a costume party, schools are now having a ‘fall festival’. One lady called in and said that her children’s school had declared halloween themed plates and napkins as verboten. (Hey, what did Caspar the ghost do to these people?) She laughed and said that she liked to throw them a curve by slipping a few of the contraband plates in the mix of autumn themed plates.

Good woman – a little civil disobedience is good for the soul.

Of course next year I expect them to frisk the plates before allowing them into the classroom. If I had children I’d do the same thing but I’d volunteer to help hostess the party then show up dressed as Glenda, the good witch. I’m devious like that. :)

First off, WTF? I agree, heartily agree, in a parents right to choose for their children. Children should not be allowed to play with loaded guns, drink liquor, or run the streets at midnight. Yeah, I get that – but Halloween? Candy? Costumes?

Secondly, as a tree hugging pagan, I can state with some authority that if one was to celebrate a Fall festival – that should be done on September 21st – the Autumnal Solstice or the beginning of fall.

What has happened to imagination in this country? When did fantasy become a bad thing?

Yes, I understand there are some who don’t want their child exposed to the ‘dark side’ they imagine Halloween to be – but that’s a lie. Samhain, for us pagans, signals the end of harvest. The Celts (not the basketball team) divided the year into two halves, the light and the dark. It signals the beginning of the dark half of the year – the time in which nothing grows and the earth lays fallow, gathering nourishment for the coming growing season. Some even believe it is the time in which the dead come to visit the living.

I don’t know about anyone else but if you watch TAPS or MOST HAUNTED then you know ghosts are around all the time, not just one day of the year.

I guess for me, the bottom line is that I feel there is no darkness in the holiday. If you want to talk about darkness, read up on the origins of Passover – that day is much bloodier than Halloween.

I and millions of others grew up with Halloween parties, going trick or treating and all the crazy fun that makes up the holiday. Guess what, I’m not a serial killer and it didn’t warp me in any lasting way. (At least not that the courts could prove) So let the kids have their fun and liberate the candy!!!

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