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Dear Fashionista, According to Redbook, the styles for Fall are going to be more figure conscious than the summer was. They are accenting the waist and I don’t have one! What do I do?
Signed, Fashion Victim

Dear Fashion Victim, Can I just call you Victim? I, too, am in the same boat as you. I haven’t seen my waist since 1994 as its been covered by my breasts. That said, this little figure flaw doesn’t have to sideline you in the Fashion Rat-Race.

One of the trends for fall is the wrap – wrap dresses, wrap tops, wrap skirts etc. Buy yourself a few wrap items and when you put them on, bind that wrap so tight that the twins are shoved up and out of the way and it will create a faux waist.

Doesn’t everything sound better when you use the word ‘faux‘?

Now, some of you may end up smothered by the girls but if you don a scuba mask, you should be able to breathe just fine. Who knows, you might just start a trend of your own!

Signed, Fashionista

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