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In the past three days we’ve received something like 8 inches of rain. Seeing that we haven’t had hardly any all summer, this is a good thing. Of course the bad part is the ground can’t handle it falling all at once.

For some reason the news channels are reporting the flooding in Ohio is near Cleveland…not even close. (Where in the heck do they get their info??) I live just north east of Columbus and the worst of the flooding is about an hour away. So when you see the clip from ‘near Cleveland’ where the man is being rescued via Coast Guard helicopter – no, that’s Shelby, only two counties away.

Here in my town we’ve had extensive flooding as well as has Columbus. Luckily it has been property damage only. My neighbor’s tree came down…right across his car and it missed his house by four or five feet. A small yet very important distance. :) It’s supposed to rain for the rest of the week with many of the showers being pretty heavy. ‘Okay Mother Nature, we got the memo!’

One of the ministers I work with through the Police Department called last night and he’s organizing a caravan of food up to the Shelby High School to feed those whose houses are under water. So in about an hour my car will be loaded down and I’ll be headed north. I can only hope I’m the macaroni and cheese car – I’m HUNGRY!!

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