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If you look up the word, ‘overwhelmed’ in the dictionary, you will see my photo. :) That said, things are revolving around in my brain at about 3000 miles but this is a good thing, I assure you.

2007 started off with some excitement for me. Mom and I have been wanting to remodel the upstairs bathrooom for years now but didn’t want to take the plunge. I finally gave in because I was tired of hearing about it.

I’m not sure why she was so obsessed with the bathroom as this one is mine – hers is downstaris with her suite of rooms. I was the one that ended up without a toilet for 7 days – and 10 days without a shower – thank goodness for the rec center – at least I could take a shower.

Above you can see where Adam pulled out the wall around the bathtub. This house is 40 some years old (just like me!) and it had some water damage. When my bro and I were kids we were always splashing around like fish in the tub so this wasn’t a surprise to anyone.

Here is the rest of my bathroom – that floor was SO horrible. About ten years before we’d had someone come in and put down tiles and the IDIOT put them down over the original floor that than pull that up. We decided to do it up right this time and had everything pulled up and most of the subflooring replaced.

Here the bathtub is All Gone… We opted to put in a walk in shower with seats on each side and I’m glad we did. I never realized how annoying it was to be attacked by the shower curtain while taking a shower.
No more….no more….
Tomorrow I will post the photos of the completed room. It came out really lovely if I do say so myself. :)

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