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Pink’s new CD entitled I’M NOT DEAD YET is my latest obsession. I’ve always been a big fan of Pink because she is an intelligent woman and she doesn’t sing empty, bubbleheaded pop like most of the singers today. She has a message and it is a positive one for teens and that is yet another reason to like her. I’ve had this CD in my car stereo for the past three weeks and I don’t feel any inclination to remove it yet.

So run out and buy this CD.

In other news, I’m preparing for my final trip to New Orleans for 2006. I’ll be speaking at a writer’s group meeting in mid-September then I have to race back to Ohio and write! Boy do I have some deadlines now. I swear I’ve lost my mind. Oh wait, in order to lose it I’d have to have one in the first place wouldn’t I?


And finally…

Now I don’t normally do this, recommend books, but a friend has a new book coming out September 12th and I just LOVED it. A book really has to rock my socks to get and keep my attention. I’m afraid that I’ve become ADD where fiction is concerned – if you don’t get and keep my attention in the first five pages, I will put that book down and not pick it up again.

But I didn’t feel this way about GETAWAY GIRL by Michele Hauf. I loved this book. I have SUCH a passion for fast cars (which is probably why I had 2 speeding tickets before I’d had my liscense for six months ) that this book caught me. Below is a blurb for the book and a link to the cover and excerpt.

Happy Reading – JC

Jamie MacAlister has a need for speed. Now she’s making a break from the illegal racing circuit to run a professional driving service. That’s right…Jamie is a getaway girl.

Her first assignment: help rescue a kidnapped woman. Suddenly, though, Jamie’s taking a wild ride through the streets of Paris with bad guys in hot pursuit. To further complicate things, her own people‹‹the good guys?‹‹have just double-crossed her. What’s the world coming to when the very sexy Sacha Vital, perhaps the baddest of all bad guys, might be the only one she can trust?

Maybe fate will decide, because Jamie’s not about to put on the brakes for anyone.

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