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…the first thing you need to do is argue with your cell phone carrier.

I’ve used Verizon since the mid-ninties back well cell phones would barely fit in a purse. And up until two years ago I’ve never had an issue. Now, every four to six months I have to call customer service because my online login and password stops working.

Each time I get the same vague answer…I don’t know why that happened…

Well, I can tell you why…its because your service sucks.

Then it takes twenty minutes on hold to fix it again! At the end of the call they ask me if I want to upgrade or get a new phone…hell to the no! My contract is up on August 13th and at 12:01 am on that date, I’m switching carriers.

Whatever happened to customer service?¬† Thank you has become passe, holding open a door almost never happens…or they drop the door in your face. How many times have you been walking through the grocery store and you’re walking with purpose, no browsing, no glancing – straight ahead movement and someone walks in front of you and you have to skid to a stop? What is up with that?

I know. It’s sad but I sound like my mother. LOL!!!

JC, counting the days until she can tell Verizon to piss off

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A friend set me this link and I’m not happy. What is it with Amazon that they just can’t come out and say what they mean? They always wait until an issue turns into a PR nightmare and they are exposed as the 800lb bully in the playground.

Yeah, I think I’ll be shaking loose of my Kindle and switching to a new team.

Do you ever feel like Microsoft Outlook owns your soul? Do you hear that little ‘ding’ of arriving mail then close your eyes while animal-like whimpering souls escape from your mouth?

Yeah, me too.

I spent all of yesterday answering email. No writing, no promotion, no nothing – just email. About ten hours worth. It was truly staggering. Of course, one of the reasons why I had a ton o’ email was because I have a nasty tendency to put things off when I’m writing. I don’t want to take the time to answer it because work must be done. Then I get cranky when I have to take an entire day to do all the email I’d neglected.

When I was in high school my home ec teacher – what the heck was her name? – said to avoid spending your Saturday cleaning you should take ten minutes a day to straighten up. I think I need to use that strategy to keep my email in line.

Then again, I probably won’t. :)

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