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I consider myself a patient person but really – this situation is so beyond the pale to be tolerated any longer.

Almost two weeks ago my tire came off my car while I was driving. Just before that I’d had extensive work done including brakes, tires etc from Firestone. So here we are, twelve days later and what’s the status?

My car has yet to be touched.

It’s sitting at the dealership waiting for an okay from Firestone on the estimate for repairs. So, not only is their workmanship shoddy and dangerous, their claims department is as well. It’s not enough that they endangered my life and the lives of others that Monday night – now they are dragging their feet on the repairs for my car.

I don’t know about anyone else but I’m sick and tired of corporations screwing over the little guy.

Mom and I are both seriously inconvenienced by the fact that I don’t have my car nor is there any movement to get it fixed. For those of you who frequent my blog you’ll know that Mom is seriously ill and we spend many hours going from doctor to doctor. She can hardly get in and out of her car which is what I’ve been driving for the past two weeks. Her walker doesn’t fit in the trunk very well and in bad weather it’s like trying to drive a skateboard through a car wash.

Can you tell I’m feeling just pissy about the whole thing? I’ve put up with their sloppy, apathetic responses to this situation and now it’s time to escalate. So if anyone has Larry Magee’s (the CEO of Firestone) direct email or phone number, please let me know because I have a few things to say to him.

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 Dear Betty Crocker,

May I call you Betty? Babs? I’ve been using your cookbooks all of my life and I feel like I know you so please let me know which you’d prefer. I love your work. It must be terribly fulfilling to know that you’ve taught millions of women how to cook.

Recently I broke out my copy of your cookbook, Everything You Need to Know to Cook Today, and went in search of a muffin recipe. After selecting your Blueberry Muffin recipe on page 67, I set to work mixing, preheating and all of that culinary madness.

I popped them into the oven and promptly began drooling as the scents of blueberries and vanilla filled the kitchen. With my mouth ready for the soft and sweet fabulous-ness that is a muffin…I realized they were inedible.

Betty, how could you lead me astray?

Now, I’m a chubby-chick so I know how to bake. I mean, I didn’t get fat eating Hostess snacks for crying out loud. But your muffins were flat, not sweet enough to be called a muffin but too sweet to be a biscuit. I can appreciate your attempt to cut calories but  a bit more sugar would be welcome.

Also, the batter was as thick as a biscuit dough. What’s up with that? Proper muffin batter should be slightly thicker than cake batter. The reason these were inedible was due to lack of oil so they came out solid as in, pound-cake solid and they stuck to the baking cups. If while cutting the fat you render the product into a rock, why bother? Please consider putting some oil and a bit more sugar in the recipe before the book goes back for another printing.

As I said earlier, I love your books and I will continue to use them though your muffin recipe now has a big black X through it. :)

Culinarily yours,

J.C. Wilder

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How many times does this have to be pointed out? I ran into a seller on an auction site (not ebay) who was selling a slew of ebooks. None of them were mine but I knew a lot of the authors this person was ripping off. I emailed said seller and she did remove the books but book pirates are like roaches – you stomp one out and three more pop up.

Used bookstores – I personally like used book stores. The reason being that as reader, I’m more likely to pick up a new author at a used store than paying full price. If they catch my attention, then I will buy the rest of their books new.

But ebook pirates? Nope! They pay for one book (the file) and then can sell it limitless times. That’s outright stealing and its wrong.

Can’t we all get along?

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