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Remember waaayyyy back a few years ago when I launched my weight loss journey? I was going to the gym and eating right then went to RT in 2010 and blew my regime. I have no self-control and I admit it. Heck, it’s not like I can deny it – my bulging closets tell the story about how I can’t resist a great hat or gorgeous pair of shoes. :)

In the last six to eight months of Mom’s life I started putting the weight back on. Luckily I managed to get myself back until control after an 18 pound gain. (I’d lost 76)! So after getting into an argument with my doctor, I decided to try having home meals delivered. I figured since I’ve forgotten how to cook for one I might actually save money because I was throwing food out every week.

I choose the Biggest Loser meal plan and the first delivery arrived well-packed in a styrofoam-esque container (except it is bio-degradable) with giant ice packs. Everything was fresh, pre-packaged and cold which is as it should be. I survived the first day and can say that the food was filling though it tasted flat.

Now before someone points out that they don’t use salt, neither do I. Mom and I gave it up several years ago and I can say I don’t miss it. I’ve learned how to use other spices to make up for the lack of salt. The three meals I had were just flat as in, no spices, nothing. So after I juiced it up with garlic, basil or whatever the dish called for – the meals are edible but I do prefer either frozen Smart Ones or Lean Cuisine.

One of the meals was a chicken & shrimp alfredo-esque dish with wheat pasta and it was a disaster. In order to microwave shrimp it has to be barely cooked before packaging or it turns into rubber balls. The sauce (koff) was about as thick as milk and the shrimp was like chewing on erasers. (But the carrots were yummy)

And the chicken/apple sausage that they stick in every breakfast? Ugh! The consistency is just plain weird not to mention the sweet flavor. (shudder)

But today’s breakfast made me giggle. To the left you will see my breakfast as advertised. Not too bad, eh?

Wait until you see what actually awaited me in the package.

Who the heck hijacked my Blueberry Apple compote? That gray bit closest to the eggs is the apple and the two squashed purple things…you guessed it…the blueberries.

This is not a compote, it’s a garnish. :)

How mean is it to swipe the fruit from the hungry fat chick? Isn’t this cruel and unusual punishment?  In some places that could get you cut! (snicker)

So what do I like about the meal plan?

- It’s super easy to follow and very little thinking is involved.

- It’s convenient – everything arrives ready to eat and you just pop it in the microwave.

- You do have choices with your food. With my breakfast I also get a low-fat diary. Hmm…yogurt? Milk? Cheese?

- You can change your meals online or over the phone if you don’t like one.

- You have the option of a 5 or 7 day plan. I went with 5 because I do enjoy cooking and, let’s face it, at some point I will have to fend for myself – that’s the goal!

- Lots of protein in the meals.

- I felt full after each one.

I haven’t made a final decision as to whether I’ll keep with it because I need time to get adjusted. So we’ll see what happens. Even though someone stole my compote at the packing plant and the chicken sausage grosses me out, It’s only been four days and I need to give it some time.

So how is everyone else doing with their weight loss?

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Good morning!

It’s Weight Loss Wednesday and I’m pleased to report I’ve hit a milestone. Drum Roll Please…

I’ve lost a total of 45 pounds. BOOYah. :)

Let me tell you that every single pound has been a struggle. If I have to fight this hard to lose a pound at my current weight, I don’t even want to think about what it will be like 145lbs from now. :(

Lately I seem to be on a seesaw from hell. Last week I hit the 45th pound and was working on number 46 then WHAM – gained three pounds. There is no reason that I can discern. I didn’t do the candy bar polka or dive face first into a cake. So I’m still working on getting those three pounds back off and outta here. The best part is people are now noticing I’m losing – myself included. I have some shirts that were tight around the belly – my zone of HELL – and now they are loosening up. My old sweat pants are about to hit the charity bag because…well…they fall down. :)

So how are you doing?

Many people have emailed me to ask what I’m doing to lose the weight. First is what I call, Intentional Exercise. I go to the pool three days a week for one hour each day. This week I’ve added one more day of intentional exercise and my plan is to finish my bedroom this week. (I’ve been redecorating – don’t ask).

Food – my calorie intake varies from 1400 to 1800 depending upon what I’m doing that day. Most doctors will tell you to pick a calorie level and stay there but it doesn’t work well with me. It almost feels like my body gets used to that calorie level and wham – I stop losing. So I try to mix it up a bit and that usually helps. I might spend a week at 1400 then increase to 1600 for a few days then back to 1400 – might not work for you but it does for me. Then again I have quite a bit to lose so I have that luxury.

Breakfast – For me I need to keep it as simple as possible. A protein shake and fruit. I use a powdered shake with skim milk and on pool days I use Slim Fast. My fruit is a banana when I have them in the house – they keep me full. I usually have breakfast around 7:30 am – gotta hit the pool early. No fruit? I eat yogurt. I’ll be honest, I don’t like the light stuff so I stick with the 6oz yoplait line.

Snacks are a little tricky and this is when I’m most likely to go astray. My snacks vary from granola bars to yogurt, fruit, cheese and crackers – my only guideline is to keep it around 150 calories or so. I usually try to avoid sweet things as they will trigger you to eat more.

Lunch – High protein! My favorite lunches are Big, Big salad with lean meat, strawberries, feta cheese, pasta on occasion, chicken, steak, fish – something like that. I will have a small amount of bread or crackers but this is the end of my bread for the day. This is also my biggest meal of the day.

Snack time is around 3 – did you know your metabolism dips around this time every day? This is what drives you to the snack machine. My afternoon snack is usually protein or fruit.

Dinner – small meal. Usually meat and two veggies. No carbs.

Snack – same as above. I will allow myself to have a little something sweet here. Check out the Weight Watchers desserts or low fat ice cream, pudding etc.

Emergency snacks – My emergency snacks are low fat cheese, granola bars or those 100 calorie packs. I’m still ingesting more sugar than I’d like but that seems to be the hardest thing for me to break. I can leave the chips alone but sugar? It’s my kryptonite.

I’m off to the pool – wish me luck!

Yes, I know it isn’t Wednesday…but I didn’t manage to post yesterday so git over it. :)

It was a good week – I lost two more pounds. Even more exciting is that is, right now, as I type I’m wearing a pair of jeans that I haven’t been able to fit into in more than a year. Now THAT is what I call progress.

So far I’ve lost a grand total of 38 pounds but honestly, I don’t see it. I know I feel much better, have less pain in my knees, have more energy, but I don’t see it when I look in the mirror. A friend said my face was thinner and my response was ‘That’s nice but a smaller face will only make my belly look even BIGGER.” LOL!

That’s why I’m excited about wearing the jeans. I could wear them this time last year, but breathing was optional and if I was bending over – it was impossible. Now I’m not going to say they are totally comfy now – but I can breathe this time around so I’ll take that as a victory.

So who caught Oprah on Monday? One of her guests was Erik Chopin from The Biggest Loser 3. In total, he lost 214 pounds and now, three years later, he’s gained 107 pounds back. IMO, Erik is the reality of weight loss.

Statistics say that 95% of people who diet and lose weight will gain it back. In most cases, they will gain what they’ve lost and thensome. That’s certainly been the case with me. I’ve lost at least 600 pounds in my lift and I’m still 200 pounds overweight. Did I weigh 1000 pounds? Nope but sometimes it feels like it.

It started in high school. I was around 230 and I was 5 foot 11 inches. (I say that because I’m SHRINKING DAMMIT!) I lost 70 pounds by not eating and taking diet pills. Three years later I was in the mid two hundreds…went to Weight Watchers and back then the scales only went to 250 and they made me feel like crap because they had to jump through hoops to weigh me. I’m still not a WW fan but if it works for you – go for it. :) Lost weight…gained more back… In my early thirties I went to Jenny Craig…lost 90 pounds…gained more back…I think you get the picture. I think I’m like most people when it comes to weight loss. We’re of the idea that once we get ‘it’ and we lose the weight then we’re done – the problem is cured. Oh how wrong we are.

After watching Oprah and Erik’s conversation I have finally (well hopefully its the LAST time) decided that weight is something to be managed like a serious illness. People can live with AIDS or Lupus or CFS because they work their lifestyle to take their illness into account. They actively work to be healthy, to stay healthy, to get enough rest, take vitamins etc.

Weight loss is something to be managed, not overcome. I will never be free of needing to watch what I eat and chances are neither will you. Sucks doesn’t it? But here is the deal – embrace it now because if you wait until after you’ve lost weight then gained it back plus another 15 – you’ll be kicking yourself hard like I did. And that really sucks.

So how was your week?

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